Our Guide to a Stress Free Beach BBQ

Our Recommend Starter Kit:

  • A picnic blanket
  • BBQ tongs
  • Aluminium foil
  • A lighter / matches
  • Paper plates, cups and Cutlery
  • Kitchen rolls
  • Scissors and a knife
  • Condiment packets
  • Bin bags
  • Water
  • Hand sanitiser/ wipes
  • Sun cream

Most importantly…

Something to cook on! Don’t forget the BBQ!
You have two options for this, investing in a good reusable travel BBQ or using a one-use disposable BBQ. If you plan on have more than one or two beach BBQs, then a reusable option is the way forward. They are much better than the disposable ones, they last longer, can cook more food and created less waste. However, if you are only needing the BBQ for a one-time event, then the disposable option will most likely be better for you.  


Your best Friend...

Aluminium foil is your best friend! It can be used to wrap food that you are cooking on the BBQ, whether it be to keep in the juices or stop it from sticking. It can be very useful if you need a clean surface for prep or to eat off. Should there be any leftovers you can wrap them and save for later (don’t keep too long unrefrigerated). 

Only take what you need...

Save on packing, bring little selection of condiment packets, avoid bringing lots of big ones that can be messy and take up room. Only take what you need!

Make your life easier... 

Scissors and tongs are an absolute must have! You will be surprised how much you need these items when you don’t have them, just be prepared in case you do. Make your life easier for yourself, it’s supposed to be relaxing don’t forget.

Don't forget the sides...

Don’t forget the sides, it can be hard to transport and cook lots of meat at the beach. Make sure you are prepared the day before with lots of snacks and sides to go with your meal to bulk It out.

The location you choose is unique to what you like, we have made a short list of considerations for when you are choosing your perfect spot. 

Things to consider:

  • Parking
  • Walking from car to beach
  • Tide (you don’t want the sea coming in and stealing your sausages).
  • Are you going to be there for sunset, do you need to take light?
  • Is it comfy?
  • Are there lots of birds and animals trying to take your food?

 If you still don’t know where to try check out our ‘favourite beach walks’ Blog, where you can read about some of our top beaches to visit.



It’s lighter coming back!

Please make sure you take all of you rubbish with you and dispose of you BBQ correctly. If it’s still lit, pour water over it and make sure you find a bin or keep a hold of it until you do. Use the bin bags you brought with you to make sure no loose rubbish can fly away.


Have fun...

Other than that, we hope you have an amazing time trying out your summer beach BBQ and be sure to take lots of wonderful photos.

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