Behind the Scenes: Capturing Summer in Hayle, Cornwall

Behind the Scenes: Capturing Summer in Hayle, Cornwall

Behind the Scenes: Capturing Summer in Hayle, Cornwall

We recently had the pleasure of taking our latest summer collection to the stunning beaches of Hayle, Cornwall, for a photoshoot that truly captured the essence of our brand. With its expansive golden sands and picturesque coastal views, Hayle provided the perfect backdrop for our lifestyle clothing line.

The Journey Begins

Our team set out early in the morning, loaded with outfits, accessories, and equipment, ready for a full day of shooting. The excitement was palpable as we arrived in Hayle, greeted by the soft morning light and the sound of waves gently lapping at the shore. The weather was on our side, with clear blue skies promising a day filled with sunshine.


Setting the Scene

The first task was setting up our base camp. We found a spot close to the dunes where we could organise the clothing and plan out our shots. Our creative director, Gayle, had a clear vision for the shoot: to blend the natural beauty of Cornwall with the effortless style of our summer collection.


The Team in Action

Our models, Alex, Elyssa Harriet were fantastic from the get-go. Their ability to adapt to different outfits and settings made the shoot run smoothly. Elyssa started the day in a stylish LJ115 t-shirt dress, perfect for relaxing in the sea breeze, while Alex rocked a casual beach look with LJ55 sweat shorts and an LJ3 1/4 zip sweatshirt.

Capturing Authentic Moments

What made this shoot special was the spontaneity of it all. Between planned shots, there were plenty of candid moments that truly embodied the carefree spirit of summer. Elyssa's and Alex’s laughter was contagious, and their playful energy translated into photos that felt genuine and relaxed.

Reflections and Gratitude

Reflecting on this incredible photoshoot, it's clear that it was more than just a promotional effort—it was an unforgettable experience that deepened our passion for what we do. The breathtaking beauty of Hayle served not just as a backdrop but as a true inspiration for our summer collection.

A huge thank you to our amazing team for their hard work and creativity and to our models for their boundless energy and unlimited smiles. And, of course, to the lovely town of Hayle for being the perfect host.

Browse the website to explore our summer collection, and follow us on Instagram @lazyjacksclothing for more behind-the-scenes content and exclusive previews. We can't wait to share the final results with you!

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Have you been to Hayle or have a favourite summer spot? Share your stories with us in the comments below. And if you have any questions about our photoshoot or collection, feel free to ask—we love hearing from you!

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