The Lazy Jacks Colour Story

The Lazy Jacks Colour Story

yellow collection

The Meaning of Yellow:


Happiness, Positivity, Joy, Energy, Fun, Optimism, Warmth, Comfort


Yellow is a fun, and happy colour, it gives off joyful, playful and positive energy. To us at lazy Jacks it also represents the stunning sand beaches and summertime sunshine.


blue 2

The meaning of Blue:


Serenity, Freshness, Relaxation, Peace, Trust, Loyalty, Understanding


Mimicking the colours of the ocean and sky, we love to incorporate a range of blues into our collection every season to truly bring out natures stunning colours.

pink banner

The meaning of Pink:  


Playful, Happy, Harmony, Fun, Approachable, Friendships, Outgoing  

Many flowers in nature have contrasts of pinks, we try to imitate this by using pink to stand out amounts our other colours. This also allows for people to add a pop of colour to their wardrobe which also stands out against many neutral surroundings.

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