The Perfect Beach Picnic

The Perfect Beach Picnic

Summer is officially here! Sunshine, cocktails and beach days are back! What better way to incorporate all our favourite things than a beach picnic. Here are just a few of our perfect picnic essentials to get you started.must haves


Picnic blanket or tablecloth are a must! They will keep sand and rocks away from your food whilst making it a little more comfortable for you to lounge about.

Skin Protection: 

The English sun can be very deceiving, make sure you are protecting yourself from UV rays on breezy days. Use an umbrella or shade of some kind as well as plenty of sun cream protection.

food prep

Organisation is key:

Having all your food ready the night before in tupperware will save you time and money, allowing more time to play in the sea or enjoy the sun. Don’t forget, not all beaches have toilets to wash your hands, wipes are super easy and affective.

Keeping cool:

Keep all your food and drinks cool by freezing your water bottles the night before and doubling them up as ice blocks. Top tip only fill your water bottles half way and freeze. Top them up as you leave, now they are ready to drink straight away. On those hot days a cooler box will be your best friend! 

unwanted guests

Be tidy:

Seagulls are very clever and very very greedy, make sure you keep your food covered or they will come along and pinch your lovely lunch you spend all last night making. Lastly, don’t forget about you rubbish. Make sure you have picked up everything and dispose of properly.


The most important tip... have fun and enjoy! 

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